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Often, when we study people from the Bible, we feel as if we are studying larger-than life figures, people who are not at all like us, people who are extraordinary. Whether or not we recognize it, this can make us feel as if God can't work through us because our lives are too ordinary.

But what if God loves to work through ordinary people? 

What if God's best work is often done in the quiet of our ordinary days, through ordinary activities, ordinary moments, ordinary relationships?

What if the ordinary is actually - in the Kingdom of Jesus - truly extraordinary?

We look forward to exploring many of the ordinary people from the pages of Scripture, through whom God did extraordinary things throughout history. We hope this series, (Extra)ordinary, will inspire each and every one of us that no moment is simply ordinary when God is involved! 

We may be ordinary people, but we worship, and are empowered by, an extraordinary God!