Know Your Yes

April-May, 2018

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  • Know Your Yes: Knowing Healthy Boundaries - Alice Shirey
  • Know Your Yes: Making Decisions on Empty - Kurt Vander Wiel
  • Know Your Yes: Knowing Your Call
  • Know Your Yes: Separating Assignments from Opportunities - Jeff Mickey
  • Know Your Yes: Knowing Yourself - Dave Bartlett

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Teaching Schedule

  • January 26

    Community Center: Karla Chestnut
    Sanctuary: Doug Tensen
    Grundy County: Jesse Henkle
    Waverly: Dave Bartlett

Know Your Yes

In this five-week teaching series we want to think more clearly and live more wisely in order to better choose the opportunities to which we say “yes” and to which we say “no”. Doing a better job with our “yes’s” and our “no’s” will make our lives more effective and fruitful. Many different things must be considered as we choose to say yes or no.

As we live our lives (as followers of Jesus) we need wisdom in knowing what to say “yes” to. Our lives are filled with many, many great opportunities: helping others, getting involved in activities, doing purposeful work, enjoying recreation and learning all kinds of things. Every “yes” by definition means that we are also saying “no” to something else. This series will cover topics which will help us say “yes” in healthy and strong ways.