The Race

June-Aug, 2016

Watch Online

  • The Race: Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven - Kurt Vander Wiel
  • The Race: Follow the Leader - Karla Chestnut
  • The Race: Ask & Receive - Juli Camarin
  • The Race: Take a Look in the Mirror - Ed Baker
  • The Race: Salt and Light - Eric Lins
  • The Race: Running for an Audience of One - Brian Steenhoek
  • The Race: In God We Trust - Jeff Mickey
  • The Race: Enemy Love - Alice Shirey
  • The Race: It’s All About the Heart - Ed Baker
  • The Race: Knowing Jesus - Doug Tensen
  • The Race: Better Than Who? - Alice Shirey

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Teaching Schedule

  • January 19

    Community Center: Dave Bartlett
    Sanctuary: Jesse Henkle
    Grundy County: Doug Tensen
    Waverly: Karla Chestnut

  • January 26

    Community Center: Karla Chestnut
    Sanctuary: Doug Tensen
    Grundy County: Jesse Henkle
    Waverly: Dave Bartlett

The Race

The starting line of a marathon... a place of enthusiasm and excitement.

But mid-way through the race, runners start to stumble, falter, even quit.

For many, the lack of appropriate fuel is their downfall.

True in a marathon. True in the Christian life.

The beginning of the journey of following Jesus is full of energy and excitement.  

But how do we keep going? How do we finish the race God has marked out for us?

Jesus gives his followers the race plan, the way he wants us to run this race we call life. Some of Jesus’ most powerful and demanding instruction about how he wants us to run. We call it the Sermon on the Mount.

And it begins with Jesus providing us the only fuel that can keep us running - the whole race - with power and joy.

And that fuel is grace.

The grace of Jesus…

It’s not just for the start

It’s not just for the final push to the finish

The  grace of Jesus is the only energy source powerful enough to propel us through the beginning, middle, and end of our journey.

Only Jesus’ grace can help us run the race.