Stories from the Seats

May, 2016

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Teaching Schedule

  • March 7

    CF & Live Stream: Kurt Vander Wiel
    Grundy County: Karla Chestnut
    Waverly: Alice Shirey

  • March 14

    CF & Live Stream: Karla Chestnut
    Grundy County: Kurt Vander Wiel
    Waverly: Dave Bartlett

  • March 21

    CF & Live Stream: Dave Bartlett
    Grundy County: Alice Shirey
    Waverly: Karla Chestnut

  • March 28

    CF & Live Stream: Alice Shirey
    Grundy County: Dave Bartlett
    Waverly: Kurt Vander Wiel

  • April 4

    CF & Live Stream: Jeff Mickey

Stories from the Seats

We believe that by learning how God works in the lives of others, we more clearly see the way God works in our own. Starting next week, listen to stories from the lives of people who attend Orchard Hill.

May 15
Ryan Hudson; Sanctuary
Angela Widner; Community Center
Dee Gene McMartin; Grundy Center
Mike O'Connor; Waverly
May 22
Tyler Ruane; Sanctuary
Mike O'Connor; Community Center
Angela Widner; Grundy Center
Tammy Bronneman; Waverly
May 29
Greta Magee; Sanctuary
Tammy Bronneman; Community Center
John Perkins Video; Grundy Center
John Perkins Video; Waverly