Summer Family Worship Series

Summer, 2014

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Teaching Schedule

  • October 20

    Community Center: Brian Steenhoek
    Sanctuary: Karla Chestnut
    Grundy County: Dave Bartlett
    Waverly: Alice Shirey

  • October 27

    Community Center: Karla Chestnut
    Sanctuary: Brian Steenhoek
    Grundy County: Alice Shirey
    Waverly: Dave Bartlett

  • November 3

    Community Center: Eric Lins
    Sanctuary: Alice Shirey
    Grundy County: Ed Baker
    Waverly: Juli Camarin

  • November 10

    Community Center: Juli Camarin
    Sanctuary: Ed Baker
    Grundy County: Eric Lins
    Waverly: Alice Shirey

  • November 17

    Community Center: Ed Baker
    Sanctuary: Juli Camarin
    Grundy County: Alice Shirey
    Waverly: Eric Lins

  • November 24

    Community Center: Alice Shirey
    Sanctuary: Eric Lins
    Grundy County: Juli Camarin
    Waverly: Ed Baker

Summer Family Worship Series

Family Worship is designed for families of all ages.

As a parent, you are more than a launching pad for your child's spiritual journey; you are also an ongoing companion, guide, and fellow journeyer.

When it comes to your kids in elementary, junior high or high school, Sticky Faith research shows a relationship between attendance at church wide worship services and developing a faith that lasts.

That’s why we have the Family Worship Series in the Summer. It’s a worship service designed for families of all ages. This is a shared experience to help your family effectively pass the baton of faith to the next generation.

Join us for a 50-55 minute worship service on Sunday mornings in the Sanctuary. Service times are 9:15 or 10:45, June 1 - August 17.