Jesus Said

June - Aug, 2013

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  • Jesus Said: Beware of the Unforgivable Sin - Ed Baker
  • Jesus Said: The Harvest is Plentiful - Tim Boettger
  • Jesus Said: Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone - Mike Brost
  • Jesus Said: Blessed Are They - Kurt Vander Wiel
  • Jesus Said: Why Are You So Afraid? - Dave Bartlett

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Teaching Schedule

  • October 20

    Community Center: Brian Steenhoek
    Sanctuary: Karla Chestnut
    Grundy County: Dave Bartlett
    Waverly: Alice Shirey

  • October 27

    Community Center: Karla Chestnut
    Sanctuary: Brian Steenhoek
    Grundy County: Alice Shirey
    Waverly: Dave Bartlett

  • November 3

    Community Center: Eric Lins
    Sanctuary: Alice Shirey
    Grundy County: Ed Baker
    Waverly: Juli Camarin

  • November 10

    Community Center: Juli Camarin
    Sanctuary: Ed Baker
    Grundy County: Eric Lins
    Waverly: Alice Shirey

  • November 17

    Community Center: Ed Baker
    Sanctuary: Juli Camarin
    Grundy County: Alice Shirey
    Waverly: Eric Lins

  • November 24

    Community Center: Alice Shirey
    Sanctuary: Eric Lins
    Grundy County: Juli Camarin
    Waverly: Ed Baker

Jesus Said

Jesus was the greatest teacher, leader and thinker the world has ever known because he was and is God. This is one of the core foundations of Christian life – Jesus is the image of the invisible God ... and God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him. (Colossians 1:15, 19)

What this means is when we want to know what God is like...

...we must look at Jesus. If we want to know how God views human beings, we look at how Jesus treated human beings. If we want to know how God wants us to live, we read and work to understand Jesus' teachings. Jesus had the ability to make profound and complicated things simple. At the same time, he could also find the profound in what initially appeared simple. He said things like, "you will know the truth and the truth will set you free" and "everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock." He was constantly calling people to follow him and to put his teachings into practice in their lives. And he still calls people to these things today.

Jesus' teachings matter because they are wise...

...full of truth and power, and they lead us to life abundant and full. But they are wise only because they unveil for us the heart and the mind of the one true God. Isn't it fascinating then, and worth pondering, that most of what Jesus taught was unconventional in the highly charged religious world of his day; most of what he said deeply offended the religious elite, and yet sinners flocked to him. Why was this so? Why does it matter to us today? Are his words offensive to us? Why or why not? Do we tame his words to make our lives more comfortable? Or, do we allow his wild and radical teachings to transform and redirect our lives so that they are built on his truth?

We hope you will join us as we spend the summer...

...exploring some of the unconventional, challenging, and comforting teachings of Jesus. Please join us and when you are unable to worship with us, find time to listen to the teachings online.