Daily Scriptures

Sunday, August 28: GOD can’t stand pious poses


Sunday in ProverbsOn Sundays we'll consider some of the short and wise sayings from the Old Testament book of Proverbs. For this this second half of the summer, we'll use The Message, a paraphrase compiled by Eugene Peterson, in place of our normal New International Version.

Read Proverbs 15:8

God can't stand pious poses,

but he delights in genuine prayers.


We all probably know someone, from our past or our present, who loved to play "the religious leader" in public settings or who presumed his or her opinion spoke for all believers. These days we can even often turn to the news and find some there. But who does God delight in? What attitudes go along with "genuine prayers"?


Go to God humbly today. Tell him what you think of him. Tell him your needs and desires. But don't worry about using fancy language or the "right" words. God knows what you want to say.



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