Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind

How we think impacts everything about us:  the decisions we make, how we raise our children, how we interact with people, how we spend our money, how we use our time - basically how we live our whole lives.  

A primary reason there is little difference between followers of Christ and the world around - as far as how we live - is that we do not think differently than those who don’t know Jesus--our minds have not been renewed by God’s Spirit.  

God desires to transform us - to help us become more full of life, more healthy, more whole ... more and more like Jesus.

And one of the most powerful ways God does this is by changing the way we think; what the Bible calls “the renewing of our minds.”

For this teaching series … we are boiling this whole concept down to one phrase - Change Your Mind.

Allowing God to change our minds - through His Word, through His Spirit, through His community - is one of the most life-transforming things we can do.

Join us for the next 5 weeks as we ponder together what God might do in and through us when we allow him to start to change our mind in good, true and powerful ways!


Teaching Series

Change Your Mind

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The Risk to Belong

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June-Aug, 2015

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