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"The LORD is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him in truth" (Psalm 145:18)



  • 7-20-17 - Iva Dailey fell and broke her hip last night. She is likely to have surgery on Friday, the 21st. Please pray for a successful surgery, quick and complete healing, and comfort and peace for Iva.

    7-18-17 (Update) - Thank you for praying for Lisa Van Allen's father, Terry McElree. The hematologist decided a bone biopsy was not needed and that Terry's condition (Myelodysplastic syndrome) is most likely due to complications from an artificial heart valve and kidney function. There is a very expensive medication that will help. Please pray that Medicare will approve coverage so Terry can begin treatment. He has been weak and dizzy and unable to drive due to the anemia and he is the primary caregiver for Lisa's mom, Rhoda.

    7-18-17 - Jeff Mickey's Uncle Terry is currently being seen at Mayo Clinic for a heart condition. Please pray for peace for Terry and his family and for his care team to get him the medical attention needed.

    7-14-17 (Update) - Ted Hamer met with Dr. Mohammed Milhem, melanoma oncologist, at the University of Iowa yesterday. "Mo" (as he is referred to by staff and patients) told Ted that surgery and radiation were not a good option. Instead, Ted will begin a two year course of a cancer drug called PemBro through infusion treatments every three weeks, as well as another clinical trial drug through injection. We came away from the appointment feeling very encouraged. So many prayers were answered: we know we are in the right place for treatment; we have a clear and encouraging treatment plan; and we have a doctor who is very personable who connected easily with Ted and Caleb. We thank everyone who has been praying for us! We have truly felt your prayers. We ask that you continue to "pray us through" this long cancer walk.

    7-7-17 - Ted Hamer has been diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma. Tentatively, surgery will be done to remove a mass/tumor from his neck at the U of I Hospital on July 18. Once Ted has healed from surgery, he will undergo 4 weeks of radiation treatment. We ask that you pray for the surgeon, Dr. Sperry, and for the oncology team who will determine Ted's plan of treatment. Pray for healing, strength, courage, and peace for Ted, his wife, Linda; their son, Caleb and his wife, Dani. "A curve ball has definitely been thrown in our direction, but we know we serve a God who will walk beside us or carry us every step of the way through this valley."  --Ted and Linda

    7-6-17 (Update) - Carter, 9 month old son of Tiffany and Michael Schmidt, was diagnosed with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML) in May. A donor has been identified as a match for a bone marrow transplant for Carter and the transplant is scheduled for August 4. He is currently at the hospital with an infection. He will need to be treated with antibiotics for 7 days to get rid of the infection and have negative blood cultures for 3 days before he can come home from the hospital. Prayers of praise and thanksgiving that a donor has been found, and prayers that the antibiotics will work, he will have 3 days of negative blood cultures, and for healing and strength for little Carter and his family.


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  • Please pray for our president and the safety of our troops. The following people are family/friends of our congregation who are in the service at this time.

    Nick Frisbie Baade
    Adam Barth
    Tom Bergland
    Danielle Butler
    Ryan Butler
    Curtis Carson
    Andrew Chardoulias
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    Glen Geerts
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    Connor Hamilton
    Dan Harter
    Ronald Hurley
    Ron Niedert
    Jeff Payton
    Michael Petullo
    T.J. Petullo


    Adam Pieken
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    Jonathan Sohl
    Eric Schoville
    Scott Schuler
    Nick Skiles
    Justin Van Pelt
    Riley Wells

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