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Orchard Kids Family Movie Night


“Movie Night is about to begin. Doors are open, popcorn is popped, and candy is ready! Hope to see you soon!” This was the simple invitation sent out via Orchard Kids Facebook page last friday as Orchard Hill prepared for it’s second annual Family Movie Night.

“It’s the simple things - when families are able to come together, have a great time with no commitment, and they just get to show up and enjoy themselves - that is the recipe for success,” commented Rendi Scholten, Orchard Hill’s Kids Ministry Director. “It is the simplest things that have the biggest impact.”

This was certainly the case last weekend when Kids Ministry hosted a movie night in the church Sanctuary. They served popcorn, had a candy bar, and invited families to come and enjoy a movie together.

The movie for the night was Moana. “So much fun, please do again and often,” said Rachel Blough. “Such a fun night! Thank you volunteers!! The candy ‘bar’ was adorable!!!!” commented Shelly Wessels, both via Facebook comments.

Nearly 200 people attended the movie. Several families came in PJs and brought pillows and blankets with them. Many commented that it was a great trial run to see if their kids could make it through an actual movie in a theatre. Others said this night was better than a movie theatre because they could come and it was casual, laid back and they also got to spend time with other families from the church.

“These events are always a reminder to our staff of why we do what we do. We love these kids and their families. We want to invite them into this space to simply be together and sometimes it just takes a party. This is what it is all about, loving one another,” continued Rendi.

More movie nights to come in the future. Stay tuned for additional dates.

Try Pie Receives $50,000 Grant


“Last Friday night, Megan, two students and I went to the Community Foundation's Annual Event,” shared Sarah Turner, one of Try Pie’s Directors in an email to the Orchard Hill staff. “They had ordered pies for the event, so we were there partially out of our partnership with the Community Foundation and partially to be with the girls as they interact-ed with the guest and explained the flavors and the Try Pie program”

“A Long, tearful, joyful story short, Try Pie was surprised and awarded a $50,000 grant from the Bertch Family Trust to make the move to a storefront!!!”

Try Pie’s plans for renovating a storefront near the downtown area in Waterloo have been in the works for a while now. This Fall they launched a fundraising cam-paign through the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa to raise a minimum of $50,000 to make this dream a reality.

Try Pie, a program under Link Christian Community Devel-opment in partnership with Orchard Hill Church, engages teen girls using a mix of faith with real-life work and custom-er service experience through its pie making business. The new storefront will allow the group to grow its employment capacity to 20 young women and increase visibility of their pies.

“There's more to the story, and lots of work to do ahead, but we wanted to let you all know that with this gift, we've met (really surpassed) our minimum to raise to financially be able to say yes to this move,” continued Turner. “We'll leave the fund open for donations as support in the first year of operating will still be helpful and needed.”

To learn more about Try Pie and their exciting plans, please visit them online at trypie.org.

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