Orchard's History

Orchard's History

Historically, Orchard Hill Church was a project of the Reformed Church in America denomination under the auspices of regional Reformed Churches. Following a door-to-door survey in the Orchard Hill area of Cedar Falls, official approval was given to establish a new church on October 23, 1961.

God has been at work in amazing ways throughout our history. Our non-denominational atmosphere and our focus upon next generations has been evident since our beginnings. Our charter members include 26 young families from 8 different denominations including several who were new to the faith in Christ.

As you read this history, we want it to be clear... Not to us, but to His name be the glory!

June 26, 1962—Ground breaking for Orchard Hill Church

Sept. 2, 1962—The first service was held in the parsonage on Clearview Drive

Dec. 23, 1962—The first service was held in the new sanctuary

April 26, 1963—Official organization (26 families and 8 denominations were represented in the original group)

April 14, 1964—Orchard Hill Boy Scout Troop began under the leadership of Frank Luchtenburg

May 30, 1974—The congregation voted to call our first Campus Pastor

Sept. 12, 1982—Began two morning worship services

Sept. 11, 1983—The congregation voted to add an educational wing at an estimated cost of $173,000

May 21, 1989—Ground breaking for the new sanctuary with a cost of approximately $700,000

June 9, 1991—The congregation voted to purchase 20 acres of adjacent land south of the church for $100,000

May 2, 1993—The congregation voted to convert the parsonage to a student ministry house

Jan. 23, 1994—We began having three Sunday morning worship services

April 18, 1994—The church adopted "Foundations of Faith" as a statement of what the church believes

Feb. 26, 1995—The congregation approved plans for a building addition of a new kitchen and classrooms to wrap around the existing fellowship hall

Jan. 19, 1996—The wrap-around building addition was dedicated ($300,000)

Jan. 19, 1996—The congregation approved a plan to exchange some of our 20 acres for land more adjacent to the church

Aug. 25, 1996—A college worship band began to help lead worship during the 9:45 a.m. service

May 21, 1997—The congregation approved the expansion of the Orchard Hill House ($109,000), and the building of a Family Life Center

March 15, 1998—The congregation approved the building of a Community Center and new classrooms ($1,718,000)

Nov. 22, 1998—The congregation approved a $170,000 investment in furnishings for the Community Center

Feb. 27, 1999—Dedication of Orchard Hill Church Community Center (construction and furnishings: $1,953,700)

Jan. 2003—The Structure Task Force was formed

Dec. 20, 2004—The congregation approved the addition of 12,900 square feet for additional children's space, lobby space, and Coffee House

Jan. 9, 2005—Grundy Center Campus service began in the Grundy Center Theatre

Aug. 28, 2005—The Gathering (all-church—CF & Grundy Center Campuses) was held at the Gallagher-Bluedorn on the UNI Campus

Sept. 9, 2005—Began two worship services at Grundy Center

Dec. 28-29, 2005—First Onefest event at the UNI-Dome

May 20, 2006—Dedication of children's space, lobby space, and coffee house

August, 2010—Orchard's first time as premier site for Global Leadership Summit

May, 2011—Lincoln Center Christian Reformed Church becomes a part of the Orchard Hill, Grundy Center Campus

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