Inquire About Baptism

Inquire About Baptism

Baptism, Infant Baptism Class: Dates & Registration

Baptism is an important step in one's journey of faith. As one of the sacraments, baptism is a physical sign of a spiritual truth. At Orchard, we want to encourage you in this wonderful life event so there are many opportunities for you to be aware of.

Infant Baptism is the starting point at Orchard. If you would like to have your child baptized at OHC, make plans to join us for our next infant baptism class. This gives us a chance to meet you and talk about baptism in a classroom setting. Our goal is to share what baptism is all about while giving you an opportunity to ask questions. Immediately after the class, we invite everyone to meet with our Leadership Board so they can encourage and bless you in this decision.

  • Here's what you can expect to learn:

    • What is baptism?

    • Who should be baptized?

    • Why should I be baptized?

    • How does baptism play a role in my family?

    • Orchard's philosophy about family, children and developing faith at home.

    • An introduction to family opportunities at Orchard.

    Ready to take this step?

    • Sign up for our next infant baptism class 

    • Meet our Board immediately after the infant baptism class

    • Make plans to join us for an upcoming Baptism Sunday


    Private baptisms are available for those who prefer an intimate and private celebration with their family. If you would like to arrange a private baptism, we invite you to first participate in our infant baptism class to learn about baptism in a classroom setting. Then baptisms can be arranged and scheduled with a commissioned staff. [ Inquire about a private baptism


    Child dedication is available for families who do not wish to baptize their child, but still wish to celebrate them and make a commitment to raise the child in a Christian home. All dedication services are done privately between family members and commissioned staff. [ Inquire about a private baptism ]


    There are three options for adults wishing to undergo the sacrament of baptism.

    Baptism by Sprinkling

    If you wish to be baptized in this way at Orchard, we first want to meet with you to hear about how you came to faith in Jesus and why you wish to be baptized. Then we will schedule a time to baptize you. [ Inquire about a baptism by sprinkling ]

    Baptism by Immersion

    We also have immersion baptism available in our Worship Services in the Sanctuary. If you wish to be baptized in this way at Orchard, we first want to meet with you to hear about how you came to faith in Jesus and why you wish to be baptized. [ Inquire about a baptism by immersion ]

    Celebration of Baptism

    Once a year we have corporate Celebration of Baptism. We welcome all who have never been baptized and those wishing to publicly reaffirm their baptism as a child to join us in this celebration. If you wish to participate in this event, the starting process is the same as sprinkling and immersion. [ Inquire about Celebration of Baptism ]

  • Orchard Hill has begun what has become an annual event: a celebration of baptism, of God’s faithfulness, and a reenactment of our baptismal vows. It is intended for three kinds of people.

    • First, for those new Christians who have never been baptized but who choose to be baptized at this time. 

    • Second, for those Christians who were baptized as infants and who would like publicly to reenact and confirm their infant baptism. 

    • And third, for other baptized Christians who have recently made a new commitment to Christ and who are seeking to live a more sold-out, obedient life of discipleship.

    Read More About Baptism

    How to Participate in this year's Celebration of Baptism

    Orchard Hill’s Celebration Of Baptism will take place on Sunday afternoon, August 14, 2016, at 3:00 p.m. in the Tensen’s backyard swimming pool on the banks of the Cedar River. If you would like to be baptized that day for the first time, or if you would like to renew your baptism vows by reenacting your baptism, here is what you need to do:

    1. Write a brief statement of why you desire to be baptized, and e-mail it to Doug Tensen ( This might include a statement about your relationship to Christ, where you are spiritually at this time, and how being baptized would be a meaningful experience for you. Sections from this statement may be read as you are being baptized. 

    2. Who would you like to have baptize you?  If you have a preference, please feel free to contact that staff person and invite them to participate.  Let Doug Tensen know what you have decided.

    It is the hope and prayer of the Leadership Board and the staff that this step of faith, this time of celebration, will help us all to become more fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

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